A positive year: campaigns, brand activation, digital
transformation, and awards thrown in for good measure.

Twelve months

Project details:

Client: POSITIVE & Hive

A 12 month plan:

To understand the DNA of the agency, to build upon and develop the team, to set the benchmark and raise the quality of our creative. To win pitches and develop client relationships, to introduce internal processes and working practices into the agency and define my role on the board.

To build trust and understanding within the team, to review and assess their job roles and capabilities, to set goals and development plans for each individual. To define processes, ways of working and integrate these ideas collaboratively across the agency.

To evolve the agencies brand identity and role it out across all of our agency collateral.

Setting my own goals:

Established a strong relationship with the board, department heads and the creative team.

My involvement and contribution to PwC & Gordon Ramsay.

Direction and positivity within the creative department.

Talent brought into the creative department.

Noticeable rise in the quality and finish of our work.

Establishing working practices and collaboration across teams and departments.


Vifor - Ferinject: SILVER: PM Society award winner in the Secondary Care Advertising category.

Gilead - Ambisome: BRONZE: PM Society award winner in the Digital Interactive-Craft category.

Lamb: 2015 Kentico site of the year.

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