Positive - A brand evolution


Project details:


Proposition: Internal brand evolution

The brief:

To evolve the current POSITIVE brand, with a clearer tone of voice and fresher look and feel, aligning all of this against the business objectives.

We asked ourselves some basic questions: What does positive mean?

Constructive, optimistic, confident. showing progress or improvement. A desirable or constructive quality or attribute. Good, enthusiastic, supportive, encouraging, practical, useful, productive, beneficial, effective, hopeful, forward-looking, promising, cheerful.

What is a positive experience?

Something that makes you feel good and happy. A sunny day. Quality time spent with close ones. When something makes you laugh. When people understand each other, when communication flows easily. When an experience is meaningful. When an experience brings you closer to someone or something.

Whatís our definition of positive?

We find that the most positive experience is one that enables people to connect. Whether with someone, something, an experience, a brand, or a product, itís the ability to emotionally relate with something that we find most powerful. To emotionally relate is to connect.

How does this relate to what we do?

We help brands connect with people. We help people get to know, trust, and rely on your brand. We create positive, meaningful connections that matter.

Our solution:

POSITIVE. making connections

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