Gordon Ramsay: 'One Hell of a Summer' campaign

Gordon Ramsay

Project details:

Client: Gordon Ramsay Group

Platform: Multi-channel marketing campaign


There's a palpable buzz for the return of summer this year in London. People across the capital are gearing up for the countless activities and adventures that come with the sunny months, and thatís something we wanted to capture with this latest campaign.

Spanning 4 months from May to August, itís one of this years larger campaigns, which weíre therefore keen to approach with more scale and ambition.


Create a standalone branded 'Summer' multi-channel campaign packed full of events and activities held under one roof.

We've named this campaign Gordon Ramsay's 'One Hell of a Summer', which suits the tone of the Gordon Ramsay Group brand.

To create a buzz around the campaign across all social networks linking back to the campaign hub.


Campaign hub, housing a mixture of campaign information, group and individual restaurants activity, editorial highlights (with posts linking back to The Grapevine) and social posts from our audience.

Gordon to introduce the campaign in a series of scripted videos, housed at the top of the campaign hub page.

To launch: We've developed a series of editorial-style, video-led content based around each of 14 London restaurants.

Encourage a 2-way conversation between the brand and our customers.

We want our audience to capture the excitement of their summer activities, whatever they may be, via social media and caption them with the campaign hashtag #hellofasummer.

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