Gordon Ramsay Group - Brand photography


Project details:

Client: Gordon Ramsay Group

Platform: Brand photography


Evolve and develop the Gordon Ramsay photography asset library for both internal and external communications throughout the group.


Retaining a consistent tone and style across all of the Group photography is something we were looking to achieve. It was important to add drama, emotion and capture ‘connections’ between people experiencing special moments together, in groups, couples, families or simply with friends.

All set against the backdrop of a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, showcasing the high quality of the food, presentation and service.


Working closely with Gordon Ramsay internal photographer Carla Gradiski

Increase the quality of the photography and compositions

Capture 'real people' in intimate settings, relaxed nights out, Sunday roasts, family time together, or just kicking back after a long week regardless of context it’s all about the quality of the food.

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