Galt Toys - e-commerce site


Project details:


Platform: Design UK - LavaSuite

The challenge:

Galt is a quiet and unassuming brand in the children's toy and education market. It's difficult to find a parent in the target market who hasn't heard of them. Yet finding Galt toys online was a completely different matter. Worse, what you did find was a site that was tired, out dated and didn't offer any e-commerce capabilities whatsoever.

The approach:

A new online presence was developed, with a solid platform to promote their knowledge, wealth of products and expertise across the education industry. With a vast catalogue of products ranging from Baby and Toddlers through to early teen years, driving online sales through both trade and retail customers became the focal point.

In tandem with developing a new brand approach and a more appropriate tone of voice we created this new online e-commerce presence.

Our objective was to make the whole experience fun, clear, simple and educational from the first page to the last

Personal highlights:

User testing their products

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