Ferinject - Global campaign launch


Project details:

Client: Vifor - Ferinject

Platform: All global advertising formats, touch screen devices and interactive displays

Awards: PM award winner

The brief:

Our objective for Ferinject was to create and define a global campaign which effectively positions and represents the brand across various markets and therapy areas addressing the following

• Iron being viewed as old and simple

• ID/anemia taking a back seat to a patient's primary condition

• Physicians not feeling compelled to treat with any urgency.

Setting the scene:

When patients are weighed down by the burden of iron deficiency/anemia, it can feel as if they are disengaged from life. And as they struggle to deal with fatigue and exhaustion, they lose the ability to keep up with everything continuing around them.

Being able to restore their energy and get them back to everyday life as quickly as possible will be something they eagerly receive.

Because following treatment with Ferinject their world awaits.

The campaign:

A global campaign that puts the patient at the heart of everything we do, challenging current behaviors, re-engaging them with HCP's, getting them back to the life they've been missing.

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