Angostura bitters


Project details:

Client: Angostura bitters

Platform: Multi-channel digital devices, press advertising and social media


Establish a uniquely Trinidadian social voice and identity for the House of Angostura, driving customer engagement with the brand in the global market.


Without a distinctive identity or cohesive social strategy in place, Angostura simply wasn’t on the radar.

To combat this, we devised new tone of voice guidelines to be rolled out across all English-speaking markets. We also designed a new look-and-feel for the brand under the banner ‘the Spirit of Trinidad & Tobago’, differentiating the diverse yet unified identities of rums and bitters.


To engage directly with consumers we created a new online experience, showcasing Angostura's full range of products whilst distilling Angostura’s social media focus into two platforms (Facebook and Twitter)

Our primary focus was launching a brand microsite designed to unite and nurture a community of cocktail lovers and rum aficionados. Our goal was to foster knowledge sharing within one intimate space via a carefully devised strategy of engagement and referral.


13,000 increase in engagement in first 4 months

550% increase in active fans

Average 153hrs conversation length

Global adoption of our social engagement blueprint

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